“…to say we like the lamps would be an understatement. We Love them...the shape and size are just perfect. When the
kitchen was almost complete and the lamps were hung. it brought the entire room to life"

Thanks again to all of you

Steve and Terri.














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Our wide range of products include home lighting solutions, chandeliers, wall sconces, pendant
lighting, glass vases, glass lamp shades, hand blown glass lighting products and much much more.

Please contact your Design Team at Lowery's Hot Glass today. Start designing your own Custom Hot Glass Lighting for your Home or Business.





montage photo of various lamps

Glass Blowing at Lowery’s means Custom Lighting Solutions for both Residential and Commercial clientele.

Mostly home lighting but with a little extra electrical attention glass blowing can mean outdoor lighting as well.

We began glass blowing here in 1995. Later we began to make lighting. Pendant lights at first. After pendant lighting came wall sconces. Glass blowing allowed us to make lamps shades, glass lampshades of course. If you have your own lamp bases we can make replacement lampshades for you.

-- Dave & Diane Lowery

photo of Diane & Dave

Dave & Diane Lowery

Dave & Diane Lowery Receive Award . . . "In Honor of Your Outstanding Business and Service to the Residents of San Diego County Old Town's nomination for the BID Business of the Year Award 2012 is awarded to Lowery's Hot Glass
in Old Town San Diego. "

Image provided by: ALBERT H. FULCHER photographer


Diane in Halloween Costume

Photo at Left: Dia De Los Muertos in Old Town San Diego..... Diane Lowery participates in the festivities at the Whaley House


Our design criteria involves using fabric swatches, paint chips, counter top samples, wood samples etc to find just the right color, shape and hardware combination to create a desired effect with light in On and Off state. Once the design aspects have been established the actual creation of your very unique piece of Artistic Hot Glass Lighting begins. Decades of experience combined with artistic passion yield a flawlessly crafted, Gallery and Museum Quality Masterpiece of Contemporary Art. Custom Designed Hot Glass Lighting is sure to add value, unique taste and style, along with the feeling of comfort and satisfaction to your environment.

In short, it will literally brighten up your life for years to come.

Contact us to learn how we can create a custom blown glass solution that can transform your home environment.

-- Dave and Diane Lowery

Most of our Custom Lighting Solutions fit the Categories below.

Pendant Lighting : approx. 8” high and 10” in diameter.
Designer Lamp Shades : From 6" to 12" tall without base.
Torchier Lamps : range from 15" to 30" tall without base.
Custom Chandeliers : custom-order only.
Wall Sconces : approx. 8" high and 10" in diameter.

For Further info. regarding our product or services, please E-mail us at: LOWERY'S Or call: (619) 297.3473